How To Setup SuperBox

The SuperBox is very simple to set up. There is a learning curve to our device but once you discover how effortlessly you can watch all your favorites you won’t ever want to go back to cable!

Step 1

Locate the HDMI port on your SuperBox and connect it to the provided HDMI cable then connect to any TV. Plug power cord into outlet and connect to SuperBox.

SuperBox Setup

Step 2

Navigate to the settings icon in the bottom left corner or by the button on the remote and then connect to the internet. If you have ethernet cable just plug in and it will be connected.

Once connected to internet it is saved and it will automatically connect for future use.

Step 3

In the SuperBox app store download Blue TV, Blue VOD, Playback, and Backup TV app. There are other apps that can be downloaded from our app store and from the google play store as well.

SuperBox App Store

Step 4

Add the apps to where you want and access all content.

Blue TV - All Live TV

Blue VOD - All Video On Demand

Playback - Channels Available On Playback

Backup TV - Our Backup Server With All Apps In One Spot

It is really that easy to watch all your favorite content wherever you are!

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