How Does The SuperBox Work?

What Is The SuperBox S4 Pro?

The Superbox S4 Pro is a reliable Android streaming device. All content is streamed through the apps provided on the SuperBox.

Why SuperBox Is The Best

For the past 8 years the SuperBox has provided a great streaming experience for customers. The SuperBox is constantly being updated and improved. The SuperBox is a 1 time purchase with absolutely no fees ever!

Access The Most Content

With the Blue TV app access all 1,200+ live TV channels. The Blue VOD app give access to all movies and series. The Playback app allows for viewing of 63 specific channels to be watched up to 7 days after aired. The Backup TV app is a backup app with all of these apps in 1 spot.

Any Type Of Internet

Simply connect to internet and access all content on the SuperBox anytime and anywhere!

Connect Wifi

Connect to any wifi available and stream all content on the SuperBox. At least 80mbps is recommended.

Connect Hotspot

Connect SuperBox to a cellular hotspt. This is very useful when traveling or if wifi is not available.

Connect Ethernet

This will provide the most internet speed to the device since it is directly connected to the internet.